Ninja Forms EmailOctopus GPL v3.0.0 Extension


Pair WordPress best drag and drop form builder with your EmailOctopus account for incredibly effective signup forms. Easy, complete integration.

  • Unlimited Website Usage – Personal & Clients
  • Original GPL Product From the Developer
  • Quick help through Email & Support Tickets
  • Get Regular Updates For 1 Year

Ninja Forms EmailOctopus GPL Extension Overview:

Pair WordPress’ best drag and drop form builder with your EmailOctopus account for incredibly effective signup forms. Easy, complete integration.
Automation, integration, analytics… EmailOctopus is the email management solution that fills every need. More than a simple email marketing tool, discover a new way to manage every aspect of your email strategy from marketing campaigns to automated employee onboarding. Save time, save money, be an email rockstar!

Ninja Forms EmailOctopus GPL Features:

What Does EmailOctopus Bring Your WordPress Team?

Unparalleled Dependability

You need 100% confidence in the dependability and reliability of your email campaigns. EmailOctopus sends email through Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES), meaning you have first-class service anywhere in the world.

Beautiful, Responsive Email Templates

Hooking into EmailOctopus through Ninja Forms gives you access to a diverse set of email marketing templates to give your campaigns a richness you’d pay top dollar to build out elsewhere. No added cost, no limits to use.

Unlock a New World of Integrations

Salesforce user? WooCommerce? EmailOctopus integrates with Zapier to put hundreds of other apps at your fingertips. Hooked into EmailOctopus through Ninja Forms, you have a new world of possibilities to explore

Automate Your Day

With a suite of powerful automation tools, you can free valuable hours for your WordPress team by turning the repetitive tasks over to EmailOctopus. Drip sequences, time-based actions, and much more.

Powerful Analytics

Track the performance and value of every campaign. Track bounces and unsubscribes. Stay in the know and be able to analyze and discuss intelligently every aspect of your email marketing efforts.

What are You Waiting On?

EmailOctopus empowers you to reach new heights in your email marketing and management efforts. Founded in 2014, the reliability and sheer power of their service have now launched the campaigns of thousands of users. With over a billion emails sent around the world, it’s time you take a look at this incredible new addition to the WordPress space!


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