Gravity Forms Google Spreadsheet Addon GPL v4.8 – WPSyncSheets For Gravity Forms


WPSyncSheets For Gravity Forms plugin sync with your Gravity Forms entries to a single Google Spreadsheet.

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  • Original GPL Product From the Developer
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Gravity Forms Google Spreadsheet Addon GPL Overview:

WPSyncSheets For Gravity Forms plugin sync with your Gravity Forms entries to a single Google Spreadsheet.

Gravity Forms Google Spreadsheet Addon GPL Features:

  • Create Auto Google Spreadsheets

    WPSyncsheets For Gravity Forms, automatically create Google Spreadsheets to manage all your Gravity Forms data easily.

  • Save All Entries

    The plugin makes your work automated by sending new and syncing all existing Gravity Forms entries to a Google spreadsheet.

  • Auto Entry ID / Edit Entries

    Once your form data is fetched, you get the flexibility to edit form entries in the spreadsheet as per your preferences.

  • One Time Settings

    You don’t have to keep re-configuring the plugin’s settings. Simply install WPSyncsheets For Gravity Forms once, and it will take care of the rest.

  • Display Entry on Payment Status

    Display form entries on Google sheets based on the payment status of the form users.

  • View/Clear/Download Spreadsheet

    Get options to manage your spreadsheet from a single place. You can view, clear and download sheets with just a single click.

  • Freeze Auto First Row

    Freeze the first row of your Google spreadsheet directly from the plugin’s Settings page. No need to separately open a sheet for formatting.

  • Mapping Sheet Headers

    Form fields can be automatically mapped with the Google spreadsheet. WPSynchSheets allows you to connect form fields with spreadsheet headings without writing code.

  • Submission Date & Time option

    Enable the Submission Date option to add a new column that displays the date and time of the form submission.

  • Conditional Logic Feature

    Enable the Conditional Logic feature, and the entries are sent to the spreadsheets only when the specific conditions are satisfied.


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