Elementor Custom Skin Pro GPL v3.24

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This plugin is an add-on for the free plugin Elementor Custom Skin Pro and comes with extra features and customization that will improve your design.

  • Unlimited Website Usage – Personal & Clients
  • Original GPL Product From the Developer
  • Quick help through Email & Support Tickets
  • Get Regular Updates For 1 Year

What is Elementor Custom Skin Pro?

We all know Elementor is one of the best WordPress page builders out there, but it isn’t perfect. Just like any tool, you will bump into limitations and this is where Elementor Custom Skin Pro GPL comes in.

This plugin adds multiple extra customization features to its native Elementor post widget. Distinguish yourself from the endless other generic

Elementor websites and create your own unique post widget layout. Elementor Custom Skin Pro offers advanced features such as the Loop Templates feature, Alternating templates, and Dynamic Everywhere.

Elementor Custom Skin Pro GPL Features

Elementor Custom Skin Pro essentially lets you create a custom post and archive layout that will improve your design even more. When you’ve used Elementor’s post widget before, you’ll know there are a few layout options. However, it is nothing that comes close to the abilities this powerful plugin can offer you. This plugin lets you individually break up each element and piece them together into the exact layout you want.

Choose how many columns you want, where you want your feature image, title, categories and excerpt to be, and so on! Through its loop template feature, this plugin lets you customize the placement of each element. It allows you more flexibility than what Elementor gives you.

Other features include the alternating templates, which allow you to combine several custom loop skins onto one page. With Elementor Custom Skin Pro you will also be able to adjust your grid settings and add more dynamic content features.

The tools this Elementor plugin offers are essential when you regularly create content and wish to display it in an appealing and unique way!

How to use Elementor Custom Skin Pro?

Simply install this plugin and navigate to the Template section on your WordPress dashboard. Select ‘create new’ and choose ‘loop template’. You’ll be redirected to the trusted Elementor editor and here you can create the exact post layout that suits your needs. Choose the number of columns you need, the elements you’d like it to contain, and add dynamic tags to them. Once you’re happy with the result, make some styling tweaks, and you’re ready to publish.

Alright, so how do we actually implement them? The cool thing about Elementor Custom Skin Pro is that it integrates flawlessly into the native post widget of Elementor. This allows you to still use all the functionality of the post widget. To use your newly made template, go to your pages and open your desired page in the Elementor editor.

Drag a post widget onto your page and select in the dropdown menu under ‘skin’, ‘custom’. Select your loop template, change the number of columns to the right number, and voilà!

Supercharge the Elementor post widget with additional features

You’ve created your very first Elementor Custom Skin and want to spice up your post and archive layout even more? Say no more. Customize your grid and select different custom templates.

This enables you to create multiple unique templates and alternate whenever you want. On top of that this impressive Elementor add-on offers you an additional feature: the alternating templates. This lets your alternate your post designs on the same page. For example, you want your posts’ feature images to alternate positions. On the first post, it needs to be on the left and on the next post on the right, and so on.

This and many more possibilities are within reach with this Elementor add-on. Finally, easily choose where and when you want each template to be displayed through Elementor Custom Skin Pro’s dynamic display modes.

Why should I get Elementor Custom Skin Pro?

Have fun designing your website and create one-of-a-kind post layouts with this powerful Elementor plugin. Yes, you can just use the generic Elementor post widget, but do you really want to look like those millions of other WordPress sites? Unlock this new set of must-have tools and lift your website up to the next level with Elementor Custom Skin Pro’s amazing features.

  • Display Mode – Change the way you want your grid to look. Choose between Post Slider, Masonry, Same height
  • Alternating Templates – No more boring grid display. The possibilities are endless.
  • Dynamic Everywhere – Use custom fields and dynamic content in every widget.


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