eLab Theme GPL 1.2.4 – WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Websites

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eLab Multi-Vendor Marketplace WordPress GPL Theme is important for any eCommerce website to look professional and beautiful.

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eLab GPL  – WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Theme

It’s important for any eCommerce website to look professional and beautiful, but in the Multi-Vendor Marketplace, it’s critical…

Regardless of if you’re creating a traditional WooCommerce WordPress site, or If you’re creating a multi-vendor marketplace with plugins like Dokan or WC Vendors, if your website isn’t up to scratch, you’re not going to get sales.

The higher than average price points most electronics are sold at (compared to other sectors), combined with other risk factors (like counterfeiting) make it a dog-eat-dog sector where only the very best sites survive.

Beautiful: First impressions matter, if a customer can’t trust you, they’re going to hit the back button and find the next store.

Lightning Fast: Slow websites reduce conversion rates, lower trust, and are generally bad for business.

Secure: With the constant threat of data breaches and hacking your site needs to look well designed, and most importantly, well-protected.

Responsive: With more than half the web traffic coming from mobile devices these days, your site needs to look picture perfect on all screen sizes, from the smallest iPhone to the largest retina display.

Even with the efficiency and speed of our X Builder system, building a website from scratch is still going to take a long time. There are all kinds of basic functionality that you’ll need to implement, and while it’s not a difficult task with X Builder, it’s still time that could be better spent on other more important things.

That’s why we’ve built several stunning demo sites that you can use as a template to get your eCommerce site up and running in a matter of minutes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find the demo site you want to use as a template
  2. Click import demo site
  3. Done, your website is now the demo site

(We told you it was easy)

At this point, you can make as many modifications as you like to customize the demo site to fit your brand, or you can use it straight out of the box with only a few minor changes (because they’re already beautiful).

The choice is yours

Dokan & WC Vendors Compatibility

Looking to create the next big marketplace? Then we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure complete compatibility with two of the most popular marketplace plugins, Dokan & WC Vendor.

There’s a minimal amount of setup required, and with a few simple clicks, you’ll have your fully-featured marketplace up and running and ready to rock.

WPML Compatibility

The world becomes smaller and smaller with each passing day, and for any eCommerce site to thrive, thinking internationally is key. There’s a whole world of potential customers at your fingertips, but the only problem is – your site doesn’t speak their language.

WPML is undeniably the king when it comes to mastering multilingual WordPress sites, but it has several strict requirements that themes need to consider for a seamless integration that works (without site breaking bugs causing problems).

We’ve thought about WPML every step of the way during our development process, and you’ll be able to serve customers globally with a minimal amount of effort.

Complete Documentation / Video Tutorials

While everything we’ve done with this theme has been designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, we still provide you with complete documentation for everything and anything our theme provides.

From the smallest drag and drop tasks to the most detailed and intricate customizations – we’ve got documentation to guide you every step of the way.

However, if you’re more of a visual learner and prefer to be shown how to do something (instead of just reading about it) then we have loads of high quality, step by step video tutorials for many common tasks that you’ll be performing with eLab too.


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