Advanced Ads Geo Targeting Addon GPL v1.3.3

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Geo-targeting ads allow you to increase conversions of your messages using the geolocation of your visitors, e.g., continent, country, or city.

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Advanced Ads Geo Targeting GPL Overview:

Geo-targeting ads allow you to increase conversions of your messages using the geolocation of your visitors, e.g., continent, country, or city.

Geo-targeting ads
With geo-targeting in advertising, you can sell location-based banners to local businesses while using the same space to show a general ad to visitors outside that location.
Geolocation targeting is also helpful when you use ad or affiliate networks that differ by region. E.g., show the correct Amazon affiliate link based on locations in the Americas, Europe, or Australia.


With the Geo-Targeting WordPress plugin by Advanced Ads, you can make your ads more relevant to your visitors and thus improve click rates and visitor experience.

  • show or hide ads based on the visitor’s geolocation
  • geo-targeting ads by country
  • geo-targeting ads by region/state
  • geo-targeting ads by city
  • geo-targeting ads by continent
  • bulk target visitors from the European Union
  • target visitors in a given radius around a location
  • geo-targeting for advertising uses GeoLite2 data by MaxMind
  • unlimited number of geo-targeting requests thanks to locally hosted database
  • enter city and region names in up to 8 languages
  • priority email support and updates for one year, unlimited usage afterward

Why Geo-Targeting for advertising

Geotargeting ads allow you to reach demographics based on their geolocation. Over the years, we have seen various use cases for advertising based on location:

Amazon has different affiliate programs. While users from the US could click on an affiliate link leading to Amazon in the UK, they would probably not purchase there. You can sign up to all relevant programs, e.g., Amazon US, UK, Canada, and Australia, and show banners leading to the store where your visitors are most likely to purchase.

Many local news sites use geo-targeting ads to sell to local businesses. They can sell the same ad space to companies in different geographic locations and then use AdSense or another ad network to monetize traffic without a direct campaign.

A travel site with traffic from tourists uses geo-targeting for ads to show local recommendations based on the city the tourist is currently visiting. They lead traffic directly to tourist attractions or restaurants nearby.


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